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 Elite Mossy Patch Blocker :)

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PostSubject: Elite Mossy Patch Blocker :)   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:14 am

This Is The Elite Mossy Patch Blocker Where You Never Sign Out !!!!!!!!!!!

Download = ?2o9faizroz4uq3w

Video Tutorial =

Text Tutorial =
1.Download Elite Mossy Patch Blocker
2.Extract It With Win Rar
3.Open Up The Patch Blocker
4.Go To The PS3
6.Type In Ip Address = The 1st Code
7.In Port = The 2nd Code
8.Go Along Till End , Click X And Then Circle And Yes
9.Go To Game Game Data Utility
10.Find The Game You Want To Bypass
11.Press Triangle Then Delete
12.Then Click Start Blocking
13.Then Sign In Load The Game And Wont Prompt You To Update


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Elite Mossy Patch Blocker :)
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